Monday, 7 May 2012

A Blue Day....

Today on my Design Sponge email I found this cloud pillow
You can buy it here for $140.

However if you have a crafty bone in your body can make it yourself.

Spin Spin have a cute fabric called 'raindrops'
A fat quarter will cost you about $15.

jump over to here & give it a go!

If it's beyond you pop over to here
and you can get one of these Emiti 
handscreen printed fabric cushion for $88

Maybe your more of a crocheter?
This banana leaf fibre from Echidna Handmade
maybe just what your looking for.

Or maybe some mohair from Lara Downs

Of course this gorgeous multicoloured yarn from 
The Wool Company in New Zealand may be more your thing.

If you need some help learning to crochet 
I can recommend this great little book.
Otherwise pop along to one of our classes

Well - that's my blue day wrap up.

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